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Wind Load Calculator Software for Components & Cladding

Making Wind Load Calculations Easier Since 2001

Programs are created in the schedule format which is required & accepted by all permit departments.
The team at WindLoadCalc.com has been involved with the wind load provisions since the State of Florida required wind load pressures to be placed on all plans in order to receive a Building Permit (March 2001).

Delivery of Wind Load Software:

All wind load calculator programs are available immediately after purchase. You will be sent an e-mail (delivered approximately 15 minutes after your purchase) that will ask for your e-mail address, which in turn will provide you access to our FTP site for you to download your program(s).

Wind load calculator programs can also be shipped in a CD format. Options for delivery durations are provided within the checkout process.


We helped architects in the rebuilding of Baton Rouge, LA after the Katrina Hurricane. Windloadcalc.com has also been recommended by multiple Building Permit Departments across the country. Two of the most difficult permit departments to get through are Miami, FL. & Baton Rouge, LA and the people there use Windloadcalc.com to pass through permitting.

Our wind load calculators have supported numerous government projects across the United States of America such as the Miami, Florida International Airport.

We also take pride in supporting Water Mission International who helps the world by providing safe water.


Calculates for all building heights; above and below 60 feet!

All wind load calculator programs give the building permit department required Components and Cladding (C&C) wind load pressures according to Methods 1 & 2 of ASCE 7.


Multiple wind load calculator examples, wind load demos & wind load video are available on site to help you.


Step-by-Step instructions are available on every wind load calculator program, with ASCE requirements provided as needed; for each step.

Download step-by-step wind load program instructions for Building Permit Edition program from site (Word Document).

Fast & Easy:

Windloadcalc.com’s wind load calculator calculates multiple wind loads for your buildings on one page.

You will find other programs require pages of input, and only output one wind load calculation at a time. That is very tedious and time consuming. Windloadcalc.com makes the wind load calculating process fast, easy, precise, & presentable.


Lowest priced wind load calculator programs available. Wind load software priced as low as $99. We also do not charge annual fees like other sites.


We will customize our wind load calculator programs to suit your needs. Just tell us what your wind load calculator request is, and we’ll be happy to work with you.


Programs can be easily transferred to AutoCad to be placed on your schedule sheet. (Directions are provided on our site; on the bottom of our FAQ page for wind load calculations)

Most Popular: Use the Building Permit Edition Wind Load Programs to provide you with diagrams so your building permit department can clearly understand what you are submitting for each project.


We provide quotes for wind load calculations, usually with a next day turn around. We have provided calculations for high rises, warehouses, residential & commercial buildings, all types of signs, posts, rooftop equipment, chimneys, miscellaneous structures, porches, security fences, and standard fences. We have also created custom programs, we have integrated our wind load programs into other company’s software, and we have provided information on footings; based on wind loads.

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