Australian and New Zealand Standards


“The likelihood of increasing frequencies of cyclones and other extreme weather events due to a changing climate has resulted in a review of Australian and New Zealand standards relating to wind load design requirements for doors and windows.
“As far as garage doors are concerned, the updated Standard AS/NZS 4505:2012 Garage doors and other large access doors provides a simple design pathway to comply with the wind load design requirements, says Dennis Hill, secretary of the Australian Garage Doors Association (AGDA).
“This Standard Is now called up in the Building Code of Australia, for wind regions C and D (cyclone-prone regions of coastal northern Australia), which came into effect on May 1, 2013
“This requires building owners in high-wind regions C and D to incorporate specifically designed door systems including interface with the building substrate, in order to comply with the new load design requirements,” says Dennis.
“These were drafted with a view to maintaining the structural integrity of the whole building envelope.
“The aim was to minimise the risk of failure under wind load compromising the structural integrity of the building envelope, as well as the possibility of objects or building pieces becoming projectiles and causing impact damage to other buildings and structures.”
With R+T Australia 2014 including suppliers of garage doors and window systems, this will present an ideal opportunity for builders, installers and specifiers to bring themselves up to date with the new requirements and how they are working in practice, says exhibition manager Thurain Aye.
He said that R+T Australia 2014 would have leading door and window systems suppliers, as well as the Australian Garage Door Association, showing their latest products and providing advice and assistance.
“We are also planning to include a significant educational program on changing technology and building requirements.””