About Us

The team at Windloadcalc.com has been involved with the wind load provisions since the State of Florida required ‘Components and Cladding Wind Load Pressures’ to be on all the plans in order to receive a Building Permit (March 2001).

The team at Windloadcalc.com are helping homeowners and companies across the United States and Internationally.

Permitting departments, Architects, Engineers, Roofing Contractors, Shutter Manufacturers, and many others are currently benefiting from this program. It only takes 30 seconds to type in your job’s building information, and then your ‘pressures’ are calculated in a split second!

After receiving the positive feedback of how the ‘Wind Load Program’ has helped so many people, Windloadcalc.com has been developed, and is progressively enhanced with customer feedback and code updates to ensure we offer the best wind load calculator on the market. We have developed a great team of people at Windloadcalc.com to help provide you with the wind load calculating values & information that your permitting department requires; and are making it available to you. We know you too will find this a productive tool to help you and/or your company achieve the calculated requirements you need for a building permit.

All is based in Excel so the spreadsheet can be easily imported into AutoCAD and placed on your schedule sheet. Directions of how to properly do this is provided in Windloadcalc.com’s FAQ page. Updates done on your ‘Wind Load Program’ will automatically update what you imported into AutoCAD.