ASCE 7-10 Updates for the State of Hawaii

  • Entire State of Hawaii has its own special wind region.
  • The reasoning behind this is due to the highly complex three-dimensional topography in the State of Hawaii. This conclusion was reached by numerous studies. The topography has speed-up effects that cannot be adequately portrayed by a single statewide value of wind speed nor at the macro-scale of a national map.  The State of Hawaii has addressed this issue with the development of wind maps for each local jurisdiction.
  • For these new “special region maps” for the State of Hawaii, you must reference the Hawaii State Building Code.
  • Although the probabilistic reference wind speeds are provided for Hawaii in the ASCE 7-10, the intent is that the actual design wind speeds are to be further modified as determined from the authority having jurisdiction. Wind speeds are identified simply to provide the reference wind speed for each Risk Category, and also ensure that the wind-borne debris region criteria in the ASCE 7-10 is appropriately triggered by the net value of net effect wind value.