Category Archives: Blog & ASCE 7-16 Wind Load Programs & Requirement Updates is the perfect solution for all your wind load pressure analysis needs, for building department permits (such as the ones in Florida where it is required by law) that strictly follow the ASCE guidelines. has been making wind load analysis easy and simple since 2001. The software is user friendly and our expert […]

Mechanically fixed solar panel(s) wind load calculators for a flat-roof

You are an experienced architect or general contractor, and one of the final pieces of your latest project involves deciding what power system to use for heating water. Gas or electric are obvious choices, but what about solar? If you want to utilize solar to heat water, picking where and how to install the panels […]

Mechanically fixed solar panel(s) wind load calculators for a pitched roof

Mankind has been looking for an inexpensive, environmentally safe, and limitless power source for hundreds of years, and now it looks like solar is ready to assume that mantle. Each year, more business and residential customers adopt solar, with about 20,000 MW of new solar capacity expected to come online in the next two years. […]