Code Change 3: Hearings finalized the requirements of the ICC Group A codes, which include the 2015 International Building Code.


Hearings were finalized in the “Final Action Hearings” in regards to the ICC Group A proposals.¬† This event occurred at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland, OR.¬† What took place were discussion and confirmation of the requirements of the ICC Group A codes. What is good about this is that it clarified what is included in the IBC (International Building Code) 2015.

Below contains one of the code change proposals of particular interest of which is incorporated in the IBC 2015:

A clarification in reference to the allowable stress design  pertaining to wind loads is to be used in the application of WDMA/CSA 101/AAMA/A440/I.S.2, ASTM E330 and DASMA 108 per the AAMA proposal (S173).