Code Change 1: Hearings finalized the requirements of the ICC Group A codes, which include the 2015 International Building Code.


Hearings were finalized in the “Final Action Hearings” in regards to the ICC Group A proposals.  This event occurred at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland, OR.  What took place were discussion and confirmation of the requirements of the ICC Group A codes. What is good about this is that it clarified what is included in the IBC (International Building Code) 2015.

Below contains one of the code change proposals of particular interest of which is incorporated in the IBC 2015:

The American Architectural Manufactures Association was presented a proposal (E60) asking for permission for thresholds up to a height of 4.5 inches on all doors that are between dwelling units of Type B and patios/decks. This is to be applied for all dwelling units that have a step-down of up to 4 inches between the interior floor and the (surface of the) exterior patio/deck. In regards to swinging doors and 0.75 inch sliding doors the height of the threshold is still limited to 0.5 inches above the interior floor.