Mechanically fixed solar panel(s) wind load calculators for a flat-roof

You are an experienced architect or general contractor, and one of the final pieces of your latest project involves deciding what power system to use for heating water. Gas or electric are obvious choices, but what about solar?

If you want to utilize solar to heat water, picking where and how to install the panels is an important choice. Whether your structure has a pitched or flat roof, the panels need to be placed in such a manner that they absorb as many solar rays of possible. A new tool at your disposal are solar panel calculators, available to help you make fast, worry-free decisions about materials and installation methods.

Why Solar?

The solar power industry is booming, and with it manufacturing and installation prices are dropping with each year. More importantly, improved storage systems have resulted in solar powered batteries than can serve as residential back-up systems for appliances, security systems, lights, and internet devices.

Solar power is free, renewable, and is environmentally friendly, three attributes which give it considerable advantages over fossil fuel-based systems.

Get Your Numbers in Order

Building any sort of structure, from a personal residence to an office complex to a warehouse or a manufacturing facility, takes time, human resources, and the right tools for the job. Today, more and more architects and builders are relying on computer software to help them computes factors such as wind load – calculations once made with pencil and paper. Solar panel calculators for installing panels on a flat surface is one such tool, and its benefits are numerous:

  • A familiar Windows-based interface.
  • Quick and inexpensive software updates.
  • Handy in-software instructions and examples.
  • Ongoing support.
  • The software quickly generates outputs like wind zones from inputs such as wind velocity and roof type.
  • Saves time and money. Instead of paying a high salary or hourly rate for someone to make calculations manually, give your staff software to do the work in a fraction of the time.

In the end, a solar panel calculator removes a lot of guesswork from the final product, resulting in savings in time and money.

Learn More About a Solar Panel Calculator

Solar panel calculators for installation on a flat roof are available on a wide variety of computer platforms and operation systems. The software is Microsoft Excel-based and will run on all versions of Excel 1995 or later, and versions of Windows beginning with Vista. Plugins are also available to run Excel on Apple software, as well as versions that run on the OpenOffice platform.
General instructions and video demos also are available, while support is only a phone call or chat session away.
Stay up to date on solar power legislation at The U.S. Department of Energy.

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