Programs are based in MS Excel, and work on all versions later than 1995; including Vista & Windows 7.


Download this application from your iTunes Store to run Windows MS Excel on you Apple product.

click here to download MS Excel Application for Apple software



If you do not have MS Office on your computer, or if you have a MAC you can use Open Office to run our wind load calculator programs.
click here for Free Open Office Download

Instructions for wind load calculator on a MAC/ Apple:

How to run programs on a MAC using Open Office.

    1. first download: 7zip
    2. click on this link to download 7zip: 7-zip free download

Note: this will allow you to unzip the files of the Open Office program we will download next.

  • Click on this link to download Open Office:
  • Next, open the 7zip program you just downloaded
  • save it to your desktop
  • Now, open location where you downloaded programs.
    Location: Downloads (folder), then select “Open in Finder”
  • from the list, select the OpenOffice program
  • drag and drop it into the 7Zip icon you saved to you desktop
    this will open the zip files on your MAC
  • Go back to the location where you downloaded the programs
    Location: Downloads (folder), then select “Open in Finder”
  • click on the *.DMG file called “Apache_OpenOffice….install.d”
  • Click on the OpenOffice icon (blue circle with white birds)
    Apache Open Office should now be Open on your computer
  • Now select “Spreadsheet” to open “OpenOffice Calc”
  • select the Open icon in the ribbon at the top of the program (looks like an open folder with the red arrow pointing out of it)
  • Now go to the location on your MAC where you saved the Program.
  • click on the program