ASCE 7-10 – Combined Walls and Roof Wind Load Calculator


Both Walls and Roof ASCE 7-10 Programs

Product Description

Printable page available that lists all the values of the symbols used in formulas.


Building Information:

  • Wind Velocity
  • Building Category
  • Exposure
  • Internal Pressure
  • Mean Roof Height (greater and less than 60 feet)
  • Building Width
  • Building Length
  • Roof Slope (x:12)
  • Roof Type
  • Zone
  • Elevation
  • Opening Width
  • Opening Height

Topographic Factor Information:

  • Hill Shape
  • H, height of hill or escarpment
  • Lh, Distance upwind of crest of hill or escarpment
  • x, Distance upwind of crest to sign
  • z, height above ground level


  • Importance Factor
  • Roof Angle (degrees)
  • (a) Edge Strip
  • End Zone
  • Effective Wing Area
  • Maximum Positive Pressure (psf)
  • Maximum Negative Pressure (psf)
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