ASCE 7-10 – Roof top Equip., Tanks, Silos, Chimneys, Etc… Wind Load Calculator


ASCE 7-10 – Minimum Design Loads for Buildings and Other Structures

Product Description



The “Miscellaneous Structures” wind load program is not for buildings. This is for miscellaneous types of structures, such as rooftop equipment, chimneys, tanks, silos, etc. This is not for buildings.

Printable page available that lists all the values of the symbols used in formulas.


Structure Information:

  • Wind Velocity
  • Building Category
  • Exposure
  • Structural Characteristic
  • Structure
  • Height of Structure
  • Width
  • Length
  • z, height of sign above ground
  • Cross Section
  • Type of Surface
  • Diameter/Least Horizontal Dimension
  • Damping Ratio
  • n1, Natural Frequency
  • Kd, Yes/No

Topographic Factor Information:

  • Hill Shape
  • H, height of hill or escarpment
  • Lh, Distance upwind of crest of hill or escarpment
  • x, Distance upwind of crest to sign
  • z, height above ground level


  • Importance Factor
  • Structure
  • Type of Structure
  • Force on Structure
  • Pressure on Structure
  • Damping Ratio
  • n1, Natural Frequency
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