Solar Panel Wind Load Calculators Available

If you heat or cool your home, business, commercial building, or other structure with gas, electricity, or any other fossil fuel-generated power source, then you are familiar with a harsh reality. Utility bills rise every year, and there is not much you can do about it.

Or is there? If you are looking for an abundant, clean, affordable power source, you do not have to look very far. Just walk outside on a bright day and look up at the sun.

Now is the perfect time to cut your energy costs – and help the environment – through the installation of solar panels and related infrastructure. None of that is possible without the right combination of knowledge, experience, and tools to help get the job done on time and within budget, including the use of solar panel calculation software.

Solar is Here to Stay

Solar power is one of the leading candidates to replace fossil fuels, and has been a sought-after alternative for hundreds of years. In fact, Renaissance Master Leonardo da Vinci had a bold plan in the 1500s to provide steam power to The Vatican by using massive concave mirrors to capture solar rays and heat water. Issues with manufacturing and technology prevented his plans from being realized, but mankind has learned a lot since then.

Fast forward 500 years. Today, more than 700,000 U.S. homes and businesses have gone solar, accounting for 22,700 MW of “cumulative solar electric capacity,” according to The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA). By mid-2015, the SEIA reported that more than 135,000 solar installations had occurred across the United States.

Solar + Software = Success

One of the key tools in managing your solar panel installation is estimating how all the components fit together, such as the quantity of building materials, the angle of the roof, the height of walls, wind load, and the slope of the ground the structure is built upon. Any engineer, architect, or experienced builder can make such computations manually, but solar panel calculator software is an inexpensive, more reliable alternative that can pay for itself the first time it is used.

There are different types of solar panels you may install, including ballasted solar panels, mechanically fixed solar panels which adhere to a flat surface, and mechanically fixed solar panels for a pitched surface. Each one is slightly different.

  • Ballasted solar panels refer to flat panels attached to a mounting system which utilizes roof weights to hold them in place.
  • Mechanically fixed solar panels can be installed on a flat roof using rails and hook shaped brackets. These are attached to roof beams.
  • Mechanically fixed solar panels also can be installed on a pitched roof; again, using brackets and hooks.

The Benefits of Solar Panel Calculator Software

If you are responsible for building a structure and installing solar panels, it is expected that you will deliver a safe, resilient project on time and within budget. Solar panel calculator software makes that possible because it eliminates the chance of “easy” mistakes in the computation process and helps save money by providing a list of materials for the project. The software also can be purchased online and updated frequently so it complies with local and federal building codes.

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