Wind Load Calculation Poem

Wind load calc, what does it mean?

It starts with a Wind load calculator program on my screen.

What does this wind load calculator provide?

The best and most accurate wind load pressures that I need to abide.

Abide by whom, you say?

By the ASCE and the permitting department you use today.

Who benefits from these wind load component and cladding design pressures?

You, me, the permitting department, and everyone that lives in the structures.

How much is this wind load program?

Less than the time an engineer will charge. is happy to be one of the longest running companies to provide component and cladding wind load pressures to those who need accurate and fast wind load pressure calculations done to satisfy the permitting department, ASCE 7, architects, engineers, contractors, manufacturers, students, professors, and more!

Happy wind load calculating!