Wind load pressure requirements for Florida, California, North Carolina, Louisiana

Wind load pressure started to be required by law on all permitting plans before construction starting in 2001, in the state of Florida. Now other states are starting to follow suit; as they should. States such as North Carolina, Louisiana, and California now require wind load pressures to be calculated before any construction is performed. Unfortunately only parts of the states require wind loads by law. The question is, will it take more casualties before anything is done by the government? It seems that government only learn their lesson after a catastrophic natural disaster like Hurricane Andrew (1992, 175 mph, 64 deaths in Bahamas, FL, LA), Hurricane Floyd (1999, 155 mph, 57 deaths in NC), and Hurricane Katrina (2005, 175 mph, 1200 deaths in LA, MS, FL, GA, AL) pass through before anything is done for the people.